• Reality Check: There will always be someone thinner than you, no matter how thin you are. Aiming to be the "thinnest" "sickest" "worst" is a pointless goal because you will never achieve it.
  • Reality Check: Eating at night/in the morning/after working out/before working out/at someone's house/in front of people/more than your sister/even if you just ate an hour ago/more than X times per day will NOT make you gain weight. Weight gain is about calories in vs. calories out, not about where/when/what/in from of whom you eat.
  • Reality Check: Fat is not bad. Fat is necessary in order to absorb calcium and many other nutrients. Fat is part of a balanced diet.
  • Reality Check: Sugar is not bad either. Sugar helps balance cravings. If you completely avoid sugar, your cravings will only get stronger. Eat sugar when you crave it to avoid binging on it.
  • Reality Check: What you see in the mirror is probably distorted. Instead of body checking, create affirmations for yourself. I am strong. I am brave. I am compassionate. I am loved.
  • Reality Check: People care about you. I can guarantee someone out there does. Someone loves you and cares about you and it's killing someone out there to see you hate yourself and hurt yourself. Even when you think you're completely and utterly alone, you're not. Because I care and if you ever need someone, I'm here.
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